(Effective September 1st, 2023)

  • In-Home Physiotherapy Assessment (1 hour) *                                          $175.00
  • In-Home Physiotherapy Treatment (1 hour) *                                             $175.00
  • In-Home Acupuncture Assessment (1 hour) *                                             $175.00
  • In-Home Acupuncture Treatment (1 hour) *                                                $175.00
  • Miscellaneous Services:
  • Photocopies of patient chart notes (up to 10 pages):  no charge
  • Photocopies of patient chart notes (after the first 10 pages):  $1.00/page
  • Assessment/treatment summary for other care providers:  no charge
  • Return to Work/Work Restrictions Letters:  no charge
  • Mileage/transportation charges:  no charge
  • Parking Charges:  if your office or residence charges for visitor parking, the applicable rate will be added to your invoice
  • Appointments canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice:  Full cost of session

*Payment for services may be made by cash, cheque, or email transfer, and is due immediately upon the completion of your session.  An itemized receipt will be provided for you, which you can submit to your extended health benefits provider, or which you can retain for income tax purposes.

*All Physiotherapy Sessions are provided by a Registered Physiotherapist

*All Acupuncture Sessions are provided by a Registered Acupuncturist