Transcend Physiotherapy & Wellness is a FULLY-EQUIPPED, MOBILE PHYSIOTHERAPY AND ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC serving the Greater Toronto Area (Including North York, Scarborough, Thornhill, Pickering and Ajax).

We offer comprehensive and holistic assessment and treatment of a wide variety of conditions in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.  Sessions are always one hour in length to allow ample time to address your concerns, and are always carried out by Registered Physiotherapists or Registered Acupuncturists.

At Transcend, we aim not only to alleviate symptoms, but also to find and correct the root cause of the problem.  After a thorough history-taking and examination, we will work with you to create an individualized treatment program to restore your function and enhance your quality of life.  Here are just some of the conditions commonly treated at Transcend:

nsive and holistic examination which will look at all of the above factors. Based upon this information; upon the most recent evidence for best-practice; and of course upon a discussion with you of your goals and needs, your therapist will then create an individualized treatment program for you. Below is a list of just some of the conditions commonly treated at Transcend Physiotherapy & Wellness:

  • PHYSIOTHERAPY                                                                                 ACUPUNCTURE

    Neck and Back Pain, Sciatica                                                  Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression

    Sports Injuries                                                                         Fertility Issues

    Osteoarthritis (“Wear and Tear”)                                           Digestive Issues

    Post-op Total Joint Replacement                                            Chronic Pain, Fatigue

    Balance Issues/Falls Prevention                                              Menopause

No matter what your injury or concern, you will receive compassionate, expert care from therapists who will treat you like you are family.  Please visit the Services section of this website for more information regarding the different types of treatment offered at Transcend.